Fitbit Guidelines

This challenge was intended to motivate people to get out and do extra walking, above and beyond the amount of daily routine steps.
Fitbit daily routine steps should not be logged in for this challenge.  We all take steps in our everyday lives; we work, we clean, we move. 
This challenge asks that you do more than that!
It was created to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and set off for “intentional” walking, tracking only those accumulated KMs. 
(Examples: I went for a walk during my lunch instead of sitting in my office.  I walked to work instead of taking a subway.) 
Any FB posts related to daily routine Fitbit steps will not be approved. 
If you have health issues and feel like you are getting in extra steps during the day to keep yourself exercising, please log your kilometres at your own discretion.  A Great Canadian Running Challenge would never want to detour anyone from achieving their health and fitness goals.  You know yourself!  You know what you are capable of doing! 
Now, get out there, and go beyond that!  Find your power! 
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A Great Canadian Running Challenge Mission

To inspire people from across the nation to gain a love for health and fitness by building a strong community of Canadians who share their stories of hope and inspiration!

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