My Time – My Fitness Virtual Challenge, formally known as A Great Canadian Running Challenge, brings Canadians together, from coast to coast, striving to reach similar health and fitness goals. The challenge begins January 1st and ends December 31st.  Participants can choose from a variety of exercises and goals to focus on throughout the year.

We wanted to include participants wanting to get active in a variety of different exercises.  A Great Canadian Running Challenge had a focus on walking and running 1000 kilometres in one year!  We are expanding!  My Time – My Fitness has a mission to help people find a love for health and fitness again, no matter what physical activity is chosen by participants.

My Time – My Fitness reminds us to take time for ourselves, to focus on our own health and fitness goals.

My Time – My Fitness Virtual Challenge begins January 1st and ends December 31st every year.  You can register at anytime during the year if you have been logging your mileage on your preferred App.  Simply add your mileage to one of our Leaderboards.

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your registration.  Please check your inbox or junk folder.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, it could be because you entered an incorrect email address.  Please send us an email if you do not receive confirmation.

You do not need to contact us. 

Please re-register for the year, setting your new goal. We will take the newest registration form into our data.

You can add your name to the Leaderboard of your choice and strive to reach your personal goal.  Once you are registered for the season, you are registered as a participant of A Great Canadian Running Challenge.  No matter your goal, you are making time for you!

You can log any exercises that track kilometres, through GPS or other fitness tracker.

Registration for our challenge is free!  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

See our guidelines for tracking and logging your kilometres HERE.

If your email is already registered with A Great Canadian Running Challenge, then login at the top of the site to register.  You can reset your password.  You may have to check your junk folder for a password reset.

In hindsight, no. This challenge calls for you to go above and beyond your daily routine steps. Please see our Fitbit Guidelines for more information.

We don’t have an App at the moment.  This challenge was created by one person with big dreams.  It cost $20000-$30000 to hire someone to build an App that tracks kilometres.  We are hoping to have one soon.  Please donate to help make that happen!

The first thing you get is a great sense of accomplishment! Completing this challenge means that you made time for yourself and your health! By making time for you and your health, you become a better person, you have more energy and you become a healthier version of you! 

You get bragging rights!! Your name will appear on our Website with all 1000 KM finishers!

You get a personalized finisher’s certificate, upon request.

You can also purchase your well-deserved bling!  You can see pictures of some of our finishers from previous years, with their medals HERE.

The Leaderboards are created to keep people motivated and focused on their goal.  If you reach the top of the Leaderboard and would like to continue logging kilometres, you will need to select the next division.   

For example:  You are entering your data on the 1000KM leaderboard and reach 1000K.  You know you want to aim for 2021K.  Go to the 2021K LB, add your data in one lump sum, and continue to track your kilometres onto the new leaderboard.

Why?  The 1000K LB is for participants who aim for 1000K.  We don’t want people to be discouraged when they see someone reaching above and beyond that.  This is why we created different divisions.

Unfortunately, we cannot control this issue. If someone cheats, he/she is only deceiving himself/herself. There is nothing we can do about it, and this should not affect the outcome of reaching your own goals.

If you cannot finish the challenge by December 31st, you will have a new goal to set for the following year! Make it your goal to make progress each year until you achieve success!

Anyone can participate in this challenge! We would never discourage anyone from registering for such a great event.  You are welcome to come and see what Canada is all about!

A Great Canadian Running Challenge relies on participant support to keep the movement running smoothly.  We do not receive funding or sponsorship at this time.

You can support A Great Canadian Running Challenge in three ways.

  • You can donate to help cover the costs incurred while designing this Website, our Leaderboard and our monthly challenges and prizes.
  • You can order a finisher’s medal when you have reached your goal! (cheaper than most road race events)

A form will be available above each Leaderboard. 

Our Mission

To inspire people from across the nation to gain a love for health and fitness by building a strong community of Canadians who share their stories of hope and inspiration!

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To remove your name from a leaderboard, you must delete all entries.

Our Leaderboards are a great way to log and track your kilometres and stay motivated.  

Our Leaderboards are not a mandatory way of tracking your kilometres.  You can track any way that is convenient for you.

You can add your kilometres weekly or monthly in a lump sum as well.

The Leaderboard is an optional tracking method and not all participants want to use this way of tracking their kilometres.  If you are interested in adding your name to the Leaderboard, follow these steps

  • login
  • ADD KM


Yes!  If you have a goal to walk 500KM and run 1000KM in one year, add your name to both leaderboards and track your mileage for both goals!

You must be logged in to add kilometres.  Once logged in, your data is stored in our database.  Click ADD KM to update your distance.

Login.  Click ADD KMs button.  Click the drop-down arrow below the View/Edit entries column.


Click the ADD KM

Click the drop-down arrow below the View/Edit entries column.

Edit the number of kilometres entered or delete an entry by clicking X.

If you entered data on a leaderboard, it will be on the leaderboard you selected.  Most participants that can’t see their entries realize that they entered data on the incorrect leaderboard.


Once you reached your goal, you can change leaderboards to continue to track your kilometres for the year.

Click on the next division or leaderboard of choice, add your kilometres in one lump sum, then continue adding your kilometres from there!

Unfortunately no.  We are hoping to have this set up in the future but it is very expensive to hire someone for a project like this.  We do not have sponsors or grants at this time but hope to add this function in the future.

You can have your name appear as a nickname or anonymous by clicking the “update details” button above the Leaderboard. 

Your changes will only take effect AFTER you enter KMs again.

To remove your name from a leaderboard, click the drop-down arrow under the “View/Edit entries” column. 


YES!  There is a section to filter by: 

  • first name
  • last name 
  • province

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