Vicki MacPherson - Saskatchewan
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Vicki MacPherson from Saskatchewan

You will never regret going out for a run, but most often, you will regret not getting out there in the first place!

Did you walk, jog or run this challenge?

 I ran 99% of this challenge because on long runs I did occasionally take a walking break here and there.

How did you start running and why?

I ran track in high school but had never done any long-distance running. As an adult with a young child, I bought a treadmill to try and be more active. For several years, I only ran on the treadmill as I was afraid to be “seen running.” The more I ran, the faster and further I wanted to run but I still felt like an imposter as I was a smoker.

With the encouragement of my husband, I completed my first 5K in 2011 and I realized that no one cared what I looked like out there! Everyone was focused on their own goals and with that realization, I gave up my diminishing smoking habit altogether and embraced running as my favourite sport.

With the support of family and the running community, I was soon running 10Ks, 1/2 marathons and finally full marathons. I continually set goals for myself and so, in 2015, I decided I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. After many close finishes, I finally accomplished that goal in 2018!

In April 2019, I ran the Boston Marathon. This was definitely the highlight of my running career.

After completing such a goal, I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself. When I saw the 1000KM Great Canadian Running Challenge, it seemed like the perfect way to start 2020.

How often do you walk and run?

I actually started a running streak on January 1 of 2015 and I run a minimum of 3K every single day! I haven’t missed a day since then! So far, I have 5 years and almost 4 months of running every day!

What was your greatest obstacle while aiming to reach 1000KM?

Of course, with the Covid-19 pandemic, so many scheduled races have been cancelled. I had registered for a marathon on April 10th and when I found out that it was cancelled, it was very tempting to stop the training plan I was on and just do what I needed to do to keep my streak alive. After thinking about it I realized that getting those long runs in would only benefit me and this challenge and so I carried on and actually did the marathon virtually on the scheduled marathon race day.

How do you stay motivated and find the time to walk and run?

I find the time by doing it first thing in the morning. I am an early riser so I am generally out the door by 6:00 am. It is the best way to start my day and it helps me find the right mindset for the workday ahead. The biggest motivator for me is that running is something that can dramatically change your life, your health, and as a result your frame of mind. As I get older I truly want to be the best I can be and running allows me to do that.

What advice would you give someone to stay focused on reaching 1000KM in 2020?

My advice would be “NEVER GIVE UP!” You never regret going out for a run, but most often, you will regret not getting out there in the first place. On days when I don’t feel like running, I tell myself to “just go out there for 3km then you can quit”. By the time I get to 3K, I am always feeling better and end up doing the distance.

Great work Vicki and thank you for sharing a part of your story with us! We wish you the best of luck in reaching 4000KM in 2020!

You can follow Vicki’s progress on the new Leaderboard, and cheer her on as she aims to reach 4000KM in 2020!

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